Why not more driver education/driver training when the number one killer of teenagers is driving?

Why aren’t 17- and 18-year-old teenagers also required to take the course (most states do)?

The law is that driver education is to be offered in high schools, but it is waived each year. Why?

Some safety schools reject students who haven’t had driving experience beforehand. Why?

A commercial school owner must take one college course, but four for high school teachers. Why?

A commercial teacher with one college course can then teach others to become certified. Why?

Why isn’t there the same teacher preparation and classroom teaching standards for all?

High school classroom time is 30 hours but commercial schools only 8 hours. Why?

High school student BTW observation is 6 hours, commercial schools require none. Why?

All eight hours of commercial classroom time can be taught in a one day. Why?

Why not wearing a seat belt fine is only $25 and no points on one’s license? (NC $179 & 2 pts)

Why is the texting fine only $25 and no points on one’s license? ($230 in NC and $150 in GA)

Why can a DWI offense be reduced to Reckless Driving with a lawyer?

Why can a DWI case be tossed out of court if the policeman’s camera wasn’t on all the time?

Why do we not have traffic red light cameras for violators as in other states? (56-7-35 hinders this)

Why not an ordinance (city/county/state) regarding limbs/branches hindering drivers’ vision?

Perhaps for owners to remove the above within an amount of time before city/county/state does?

As a driver educator I am very concerned with South Carolina’s status in safety education. Our drivers have been ranked the third worst in the nation; one year the second worst in road rage; and the absolute worst in America in terms of fatalities per million miles. More and better driver and traffic safety education among our teenagers will help to make South Carolina’s roads safer. As some of the above questions are considered and corrected, there will be an increase in making safety first and in making safety last.

Joe Sabbadino is a driver educator living in Taylors.