Santee Cooper business forecast is good for customers

To the Editor:

Santee Cooper’s 2019 Business Forecast promotes a leaner, greener resource plan, aggressive debt management and other operational changes that will provide price stability to customers for at least five more years.

A Dec. 27 letter to the editor in this paper questioned Santee Cooper’s ability to hold prices stable if Century Aluminum, one of our industrial customers, does not renew its contract beyond 2020.

As is prudent with any budgeting and financial planning exercise, our Business Forecast includes an allowance for contingencies. That means that Santee Cooper can absorb setbacks such as a loss of the Century load, if that were to happen, without compromising the price stability in the forecast.

Contingency planning also assures that we can deliver on the other components of the Business Forecast, including: adding 1,000 MWs of new solar power, significantly reducing carbon emissions as we close a coal-fired generating station, paying off $925 million in debt over the next couple of years (we already paid off more than $360 million of that this fall), and using advanced technologies that optimize our renewable generation (200 MW of battery storage) and help customers better manage their own energy use (accelerating our rollout of smart meters).

We can do all this and continue providing a monthly residential electric bill that is an average 9% lower than bills issued by large investor-owned utilities in South Carolina, and with far better reliability.

Ray Pinson

Moncks Corner

LETTER: Demand more from our legislators

To the Editor:

The legislative branch of government has a constitutional duty to call out the executive branch when it over steps it authority.

The GOP members of congress are absolutely petrified that they will face a primary challenge and lose their seats in congress.

All members of congress should want to support their president but when the facts clearly indicate that the president is violating the constitution then it is no longer loyalty to the president but loyalty to the constitution.

Is getting re-elected more important that keeping the sacred oath to protect and defend the constitution. We the American voters, must demand term limits along with integrity from those we elect.

We have politicians in both parties who have sole their integrity and souls to the devil to get reelected. Regardless of what the new trend in Washington is facts are still facts and truth is still truth and lies are still lies.

If it were up to Trump I would be a candidate for a concentration camp for writing this letter.

The press is not the enemy of the people, the lies and distortions Trump utters daily are destroying our republic and thank God we still have a free press.

WE THE PEOPLE must demand more from those we elect and we start by voting. Loyalty is not turning away form the truth, it is facing the truth regardless of the political outcome.

Brooks P. Moore