Dear Editor,

The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming and I am sorry for many of my neighbors.

I am sorry because many of us do not have the social, political, or economic influence to fight such a Goliath problem as corruption.

I love Berkeley County and I love its people. This is why I am writing you to express my utter disgust at the business dealings of our local school district board members.

In a Dec. 1, 2016 article, you shared the political campaign donations by Mr. Josh Whitley to three candidates totaling as follows: $2,000 to Laura Kelly (from Josh and his wife), $500 to Brian Adams, and $500 to Ann Conder.

Now of course, we all know how Brian Adams was wronged after this election. But its seems that what happened to Brian Adams in 2016 was so loud that everyone missed the bigger story in the background.

On Nov. 16, 2016, you noted that only “Hours after being sworn in, Berkeley County School District’s three newest school board members coalesced with existing board members to oust the district’s longtime legal counsel and replace it with a new counsel.”

Finally, in an opinion article dated December 7, 2016, Ms. Sue Willis questions “the series of events that led to … a current … County Councilman, [Josh Whitley], [after] openly endors[ing] and support[ing] the campaigns of the newly elected … Board members” getting hired after the new members are sworn in.

Literally, only hours after raising their hands to uphold all that we think is ethical, they are running into their dark smoke-filled back room, firing their longtime legal counsel Childs & Halligan, and they’re hiring the attorney politician that threw thousands of dollars at them during their campaigns.

You can’t make this stuff up! #disgusted

Tom Fernandez