Volvos for Berkeley County deputies

A Volvo S60 takes center-stage at an event at the

Ridgeville facility in June of 2018.

If you soon get pulled over by a Berkeley County deputy in a Volvo sedan, don’t get all— “Well, la-di-da,” regarding the agency’s extravagance.

At the Oct. 14, county council meeting a car swap initiative was announced between the car maker and the sheriff’s department. “They want to help us and give back to the community and the county,” said Sheriff Duane Lewis addressing council members about the plan.

“They will donate four Volvo vehicles to the sheriff’s office for official use.”

Sheriff Lewis said the cars will be used by deputies and marked, just like any other patrol vehicle. “That’s a great investment to not only the sheriff’s office but to the county and to the citizens,” Lewis said. “That’s four vehicles we didn’t have to pay for.”

The plan allows the department to use the S60 sedans, the first cars being built at the Ridgeville facility, until they need replaced. At that point, the sheriff’s office will give the old cars back and deputies will get a fresh batch of Volvos.

“We’re so proud to be working with Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department in donating the cars,” said Stephanie Mangini, the head of Volvo’s Corporate Communications in Ridgeville.

“My hope is that this program will continue and when we bring in the XC90, the large sport utility vehicle here in 2022, that we’ll be able to swap out those cars with the SUV,” she said at the meeting.

The sedans are valued at $45,000 each. Volvo currently employees 1,500 people at its Berkeley County facility.