Vietnam Memorial Foundation looking for one more photo

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation is looking for a picture of Joe D. Moultrie of St. Stephen to help complete its collection of photos of veterans from Berkeley County who served during the Vietnam War.

The names of the 896 South Carolinians killed in the Vietnam War are engraved for history on the polished Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

The Wall has helped heal the nation’s wounds and honor Vietnam veterans, according to information from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation.

The foundation also has worked to add faces to these names by collecting photographs of all who died fighting in the Vietnam War.

The “Faces Not Forgotten” project has worked to collect photos of more than 58,300 U.S. military service members who served and sacrificed their lives in Vietnam.

Since 2014, S.C. newspapers have helped collect all but four photos of the 895 South Carolinians killed in Vietnam.

The organization is still searching for one photo in Berkeley County. Joe D. Moultrie of St. Stephen was born on April 16,1947 and served in the Army.

If you have information that might help the foundation locate a picture of Moultrie, contact the organization at 202-330-0960 or go online.