Sheep Island area considered for residential development

The Summerville Town Council is treading lightly on a developers’ request to annex nearly 1,000 acres into the town limits.

The land is located in unincorporated Berkeley County on the eastern side of Interstate 26 at the Nexton Parkway Interchange. Nexton Parkway lies south of the property, and Sheep Island Road is to the east.

The Whitfield Company owns the property, currently zoned Heavy Industrial and FLEX. Hoyer Investment Company and Thomas and Hutton Engineering have requested the town annex the land and rezone it to a Planned Unit Development (PUD).

Stefan Hoyer, owner of Hoyer Investment, presented a rezoning application for the Sheep Island PUD to the town’s Planning Commission last month. Conceptual plans show their development could contain a maximum of 1,700 single-family dwelling units, 600 multi-family and 500,000 square feet of commercial development.

During a public hearing on Thursday night, residents from Nexton’s Del Webb community addressed the Town Council regarding the development proposal. They discussed a need for increasing the buffer between their community and the proposed Sheep Island PUD, relocating a proposed high volume roadway and reducing the height of proposed multi family homes.

Pat Heckert, a Del Webb resident, said she moved to Summerville to retire after a 44-year career as a teacher. “We are asking that Mr. Hoyer, with his proposed new development, does not drop in from his home elsewhere to make his primary consideration the dollar value of development here, but that he and his company commit to being good neighbors, in honoring the beauty of the acreage he wishes to develop, in preserving a buffer perimeter of trees and vegetation for the wildlife of every kind which lives here, and by honoring our already existing community with an appropriate buffer which preserves our privacy and security and aesthetics as well,” Heckert said.

Summerville resident Peter Gorman said the proposed development agreement is not consistent with the current Summerville or Berkeley County Comprehensive Plan.

He said that parcel was identified as a potential commercial employment center district.

Councilman Bill McIntosh said a lot of work needs to be done on the development agreement before he would support a first reading. Council members decided to move the first reading to the July meeting.