Still some work to do at the DMV in Moncks Corner

Customers waiting outside of the SCDMV’s temporary site in Moncks Corner. The branch averages 346 customers per day.

The damage caused by a storm on July 4 at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Moncks Corner is still being repaired as customers, averaging 346 a day, continue to wait patiently to do business outside of a temporary trailer in the parking lot.

Storm damage tore of the roof the facility at 438 Highway 52 in Moncks Corner. Tarps still cover the damage that resulted in a $78,500 insurance claim for the agency. In the meantime, a temporary mobile unit is serving the public.

“The Community Area Response and Emergency vehicle is our mobile office and that is currently set up at the Moncks Corner Branch,” said Lauren Phillips, SCDMV’s public information officer. “We have heard from a number of customers about how thankful they are to have mobile office capabilities still in their backyard.”

Many dread the wait at most DMV’s. Customers who go to Moncks Corner now have to wait outside, forced to deal with the heat and the pop-up showers of the summer season. Still, there are not many complaints. It may be better than having to drive the 30 minutes to get the branches in Ladson and St. George.

“It’s about the usual wait, the only difference is standing outside,” said customer Darren Tradd. “Once you get in there it moves pretty fast, probably faster,” he said.

Much the same for customer, Ann Johnson, “It was moving kind of fast considering they are in a mobile building,” she said.

Given the fact the DMV does not own the structure, the agency is at the mercy of the owner of the building, Parks Auto Parts. Parks has a store in the same plaza but that portion of the building did not sustain major damage.

The Moncks Corner facility is one of nine buildings of the 66 statewide where the SCDMV pays a lease.

“We are looking at other brick and mortar options but as far as a timeline goes when any of that can occur, it’s just too early to tell,” Phillips said.

Parks Auto Parts was contacted about a timeline on the completion of repairs but a spokesperson has not yet reached out.