New employee orientation is in full swing at Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital. The 50-bed hospital will be the first in Berkeley County in 45 years and will provide comprehensive healthcare services, offering a 24-hour emergency room, imaging department, lab, birthing suites, and intensive-care unit into a smartly designed 116,000 square feet.

The hospital’s new team will go through numerous hours of meetings and real-life scenarios from now until the projected opening date of Oct. 4. During one exercise on Wednesday, nursing managers put six teams through challenges based on an “escape room” concept, where teams find clues and accomplish tasks in rooms throughout the hospital to earn puzzle pieces while being timed.

The goal was simple: allow staff to learn about areas they may never work in, but should learn about just in case.

“We wanted to find a fun way for our teammates to learn about this great new facility as well as bond with each other,” said Roper St. Francis Chief Nursing Officer Jennifer Crawford. “Sometimes a hospital can seem like a maze, even to employees, so this is a unique way for us all to learn how we can give the best level of care possible.”

Teams received specific patient scenarios and had to navigate several units, including emergency room, pharmacy, operating rooms, intensive care unit and labor and delivery. A successful task earned two puzzle pieces. Getting all 12 puzzle pieces took hours to finish and many steps in the process.