Strong winds rips roof off DMV office

Strong winds caused extensive damage to the DMV office in Moncks Corner on July 4th.

It will remain business as usual at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Moncks Corner.

The building that once housed the Moncks Corner was closed down following the roof being damaged in a storm on July 4th. 

The SCDMV set up its mobile office, the Community Area Response and Emergency Services Vehicle, also known as the CARES Vehicles. This mobile office has been set up since July 9th.

"This mobile office can complete the same transactions as a brick-and-mortar branch. Outside of this, there have been no changes to daily operations," said Lauren Phillips, Chief of Strategic Communications & Community Affairs for the SCDMV.

The CARES Vehicle can also preform duties such as permit tests and road tests for licenses. 

Phillips said those who have business at the DMV and do not wish to go to the CARES vehicle they can go online to the DMV website and see if it can be done there. 

"Many of the most common transactions can be completed online, meaning customers can avoid the SCDMV altogether. If customers must visit the branch, they’re encouraged to use the mobile office mentioned above," said Phillips.

Those who wish to can also go to offices in St. George and Ladson.

It is unknown when the project will be finished, but the SCDMV had a $78,500 insurance claim on the office.