Gas prices unusually low for summer months

Gas prices have dropped to an unusually low price for summer months, experts say.

Summer road trips, vacations, and beach excursions have just become a little easier as national gas prices are lower than usual for this time of year.

According to AAA, gas prices have been on a downward trend nationwide since Memorial Day Weekend. Typically, summer months bring higher gas prices due to a higher demand, but increased domestic gasoline inventories have helped make lower prices for all.

“Growing gasoline inventories are contributing to relief at the pump as we head into summer. Current U.S. inventories sit at nearly 235 million bbl, which is helping to feed growing demand,” said Jeanette Casselano.

On June 17, AAA reported the national average at $2.68, which was six cents cheaper than the previous week, 17 cents cheaper than last month, and 20 cents cheaper than the same time last year.

Regionally, the southeast has lucked out with some of the highest regional decreases in gas prices. South Carolina has seen an 8 cents decrease in gas prices this week, placing among the top ten list of weekly declines.

South Carolinians can take advantage of the unusually low prices and take a summer trip. According to’s “Gas Trip Calculator,” if you were driving a 2016 Honda Accord here’s how much it would cost to:

Get your feet wet: A round trip to Folly Beach would cost $4.77. For an even further beach getaway, $13.38 will get you to Myrtle Beach.

Take a hike: Visit Table Rock State Park in Pickens for $27.34 or go to Sesquicentennial State Park in Columbia for $12.58.

Take a longer getaway: Travel to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for $51.21 or celebrate the roots of country music in Nashville, Tennessee for $69.94.