Elizabeth Warren to hold a meet and greet in Goose Creek

Elizabeth Warren will meet with Lowcountry voters on Saturday at Goose Creek High School. The Massachusetts senator and democratic presidential candidate will hold a town hall event to meet with local families.

With the South Carolina 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary less than three months away, Warren is working to connect with voters in the Palmetto State. In recent months she has been gaining popularity nationally and emerging as a front-runner among the crowd of democratic candidates. She recently released details on her “Medicare for all” proposal that would change how the U.S. pays for its health care system. Other candidates, on board with Medicare for All include Sen. Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang.

Warren is proposing social programs including free college tuition, universal child care. She is in favor of implementing a 2 percent tax on those whose wealth exceeds $50 million.

Doors open for the free event at 2:45 p.m., the town hall begins at 4:15 p.m.