Sewing experience is not a prerequisite to join one of the newest clubs at Del Webb Charleston at Nexton. Despite the club’s name, Crafting for a Cause, its members are not necessarily experts at all things related to ribbons, hot glue or glitter.

The main purpose of the club is to serve others, according to the group’s leader, Liz Myszka. About 20 women have joined her in making craft projects that support various charities. They meet once a month at Del Webb’s new amenity center located at 1261 Del Webb Drive.

Myszka said Crafting for a Cause is different than other activities or clubs in the Del Webb community. While exercise classes, wine clubs and book groups are all good, Myszka sought a more altruistic pastime.

“So many of the activities at the amenity center are all about us but Crafting for a Cause is not about us,” Myska said. “It is about doing something for other people. There are lots of people in need in our community and we want to help serve that need.”

The group’s first effort was to make blankets, diapers, and hats for stillborn babies to be buried in. The charity, Teeny Tears, will distribute the love packages to participating hospitals.

On Saturday, the club members gathered to prepare the tiny offerings. Group member Kate Higgins said there are plenty of ways to take part in the club.

“A person doesn’t need to sew to join our group,” she said. “In the Teeny Tears project people ironed, traced, cut, pinned, tied ribbon, measured, packaged, and cleaned up.”

Once the Teeny Tears project is complete, Higgins and others will begin making cloth bags to drape over walkers. Other craft project ideas include heart pillows for heart patients, bandannas for rescue dogs and pillowcases for children staying in the Ronald McDonald House.