Accidental shooting

A Berkeley County deputy was called by medics from the station in Cross about an injured party who walked up the facility and reported being accidentally shot while at a nearby hunting club. The injured party was then taken to Trident Hospital where deputies were then dispatched. Deputies said they talked to a father and son who were hunting with dogs at a club off Swansea Circle. The incident report states the son told deputies a deer had run between he and his father and the father told him to shoot. The father told deputies when his son shot and he heard a ricochet from one of the shotgun pellets and the pellet hit him in the foot. Deputies called DNR for agent to take over the investigation.

Agency assist

A call went out about a missing couple on a boat, thought to be in the Duck Pond area in Cross. The couple called 911 around 10:40 a.m. and said their boat was sinking. Berkeley County deputies responded. Deputies said they put their boat in the water and set out to find the sinking craft. They continued to look for the couple, and, within minutes, located the couple on a cove near Duck Pond. They brought the couple safely back.


Deputies responded to a call about a disturbance on Wilhite Drive in Ladson. When they arrived, the report stated the complainant said their son was being disrespectful and cursing at them. The complainant asked the son, who did not live at the house, to leave the property. When asked to leave the property, the son stated he was busy talking on the phone, according to the report. Deputies reported they advised him that he needed to leave the property, or he’d go to jail. Valdez responded, “go ahead and take me then, homie, cause I’m busy talking on the phone.” He was arrested and charged with trespassing.

Drug Offense

A Berkeley County deputy made a traffic stop after a man was driving erratically on Highway 78. The report states during the stop, the driver said he did not have a driver’s license and he also raised suspicions about potential drug use. Deputies reported that to his evasive driving and delayed responses, his vehicle was searched. A crystal-like substance was found in his sock. It later tested positive for methamphetamine. Upon search of the vehicle, another crystal-like substance was found directly underneath the front seat. A gun was found in his left sock.

Pointing a firearm

A Berkeley County deputy responded to an area near Lightning Road. The report states the deputy heard, “This is not over!” The deputy reported the suspect, then ran over to her neighbors and pointed a shotgun at them. It is reported the suspect fired the gun in the direction of her neighbors who were standing outside their house. The shots did not hit anyone. The deputy arrested the suspect.