Accidental shooting

Deputies in Berkeley County were dispatched to the Roper Berkeley Medical Center because of an accidental shooting that happened in Cordesville.

An incident report stated that a man was on some wooded property with permission of the landowner. Deputies were told by the complainant he was searching for artifacts in a small hole he had dug and as he was leaning over he was hit with a bullet. Deputies then talked to the other person on the property.

The report stated the second man also had permission from the landowner to hunt the land. Deputies said the man thought he saw a wild hog in the field about 200 yards away and used a .223 rifle to shoot what he thought was the animal. Deputies contacted an officer from the Department of Natural Resources who took over the investigation.


Deputies responded to the Neighborhood WalMart on Red Bank Road in Berkeley County for a reported shoplifting incident.

The loss prevention officer told deputies the suspect took five cases of beer totaling $120.85. The loss prevention officer said she may know the suspect because she saw them on Berkeley County’s arrest page after a previous shoplifting attempt.

Possible Scam

Deputies in Berkeley County were informed of a scam that involved the purchase of a puppy. The complainant said he sent a subject $1,000 for the purchase of a German shepherd puppy, which he never received.

Deputies said the man wired the money and provided copies of the receipts. The complainant said the company is out of Florida and he ordered the dog from the company’s website.

Deputies said the complainant has been in contact with business as well as the shipping company but he has yet to receive a dog.


Deputies in Berkeley County responded to a Goodwill store because of a possible theft. The complainant said she was shopping and saw a wallet mixed in with other various items on a shelf.

Deputies said the shopper thought the wallet looked like hers; she picked up the wallet and discovered that in-fact it was her wallet and someone had removed the $400 that was inside.

The complainant told deputies she last saw the wallet inside her purse while shopping. Deputies could not investigate the claim further because there was no one at the store to retrieve the camera footage.

Goodwill was told by deputies to contact them if it is discovered the crime happened on video and the video is available.

Drug Offense

Deputies made a traffic stop because of a non-working headlight. Once the deputies removed the driver from the vehicle for driving under suspension, they asked him if he had any illegal contraband.

Deputies said the driver responded that he may because he is a recovering addict and he recently injected drugs. Deputies said they were given access to search the vehicle and found multiple pills that included schedule II and schedule IV narcotics.

Deputies said the subject did not have prescriptions for the pills.