Sheep Island area considered for residential development

The Town of Summerville is considering its largest annexation of the year. A developer is eyeing 923 acres in unincorporated Berkeley County on the eastern side of Interstate 26 at the Nexton Parkway Interchange.

The Whitfield Company owns the property, currently zoned Heavy Industrial and FLEX. Hoyer Investment Company and Thomas and Hutton Engineering have requested the town annex the land and rezone it to a Planned Unit Development (PUD).

Nexton Parkway lies south of the property, and Sheep Island Road is to the east.

Stefan Hoyer, owner of Hoyer Investment, presented a rezoning application for the Sheep Island PUD to the the town’s Planning Commission on Tuesday. He said he envisions the property becoming a “self-sustaining community” where people work, live and entertain.

The proposal consists of high density multi-family residential housing and commercial uses. If approved, the Sheep Island PUD would be constructed in multiple phases across 12 years. Development could start as soon as 2020 with single-family residential units. Construction of multi-family residential units is expected to start in 2023, followed by general commercial and civic uses.

A conceptual land use master plan allows a maximum of 1,700 single-family dwellings units, 600 multi-family and 400,000 square feet of commercial development to dot the property in question. But town Planning and Zoning staff members expressed interest in locating a regional park on the property, in addition to commercial and industrial units.

Commission Member Sara Bares said she thinks the proposed development is “relatively conservative.” Her fellow commissioners agreed; and the group voted unanimously to approve the petition for annexation.

Before heading to Town Council for a vote, the annexation request will first undergo review by a special three-member Planning and Development Committee.