Academic innovation dominates discussion at BCSD community report

Superintendent Eddie Ingram speaks post-meeting with Tara Markham.

Berkeley County School Supt. Eddie Ingram met with members of the community at the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday August 8th.

Ingram discussed the opening of Bowen’s Corner Elementary in Hanahan and Foxbank Elementary in Moncks Corner.

There is also a plan to build two more elementary schools that will each cater to 850 students. A new middle school that will serve 1,200 students. The locations of these schools has yet to be determined.

The district also completed several renovation projects on schools. Three schools, Hanahan Middle, Berkeley High and Fishburne Educational center, had their roofs renovated. HVAC modifications and window replacements began at Mt. Holly Elementary.

Berkeley County serves over 35,000 students. It is the fastest growing county in South Carolina and the 4th largest district in South Carolina. Berkeley County is the 26th fastest growing district in South Carolina.

The budget was also a topic of discussion at the yearly report. According to the district 56% of the budget was spent on instruction, 24% on operations, 16% on instructional support and 4% on leadership.

The school district now employs 6,000 full-time employees.

Ingram announced plans at the meeting for a new class in personal financial literacy. Students who take this course will receive one-half credit and the class will last one semester.