Zspace at Macedonia Middle celebrates one year

The 3D effects of the Zspace.

The Zspace at Macedonia Middle School has now been at the school for one year.

Zspace is an interactive computer simulation that allows students in interact with simulated elements in a virtual environment.

The Zspace is apart of Berkeley County School District’s focus on innovation. Lyndi Valicek, an instructional technologist at BCSD, said that the district decided to bring in Zspace to help the students interact more with the environments that they were learning about in the classroom.

“You can never take kids to the core of the earth, but here you can take kids and they can actually see it and interact with it,” Valicek explained.

Seventh grader Coleman Williams said that the Zspace is better than sitting in the normal classroom setting reading textbooks. He explained that the Zspace allows you to go deeper into the things.

“You can see what is actually going on,” Williams said.

The Zspace has interactive sections on the heart, space, Hammurabi’s Code, butterflies and robotics. The district also has Zspace on laptops as well that can be checked out for other schools to use as well.