BCSD approves competency-based curriculum to keep students from falling behind

Students from Cane Bay High School and Marrington Middle School of the Arts collaborated to paint murals on the walls of the new Berkeley County School District Center for Academics and Innovation.

Shannon Hopkins, the Cane Bay High School art teacher, said that the experience allows her students to get the chance to be real working artists. She said that they were presented with the opportunity and her class worked together with the district to sketch ideas.

“It was like working for a real client which is what working artists do,” Hopkins said.

Students worked collaboratively on pieces together and many said that it was sometimes difficult to balance so many creative minds that are working together.

Cane Bay student Madison Floyd said that she was excited for the opportunity to work on the murals and it helped all of the artists involved develop their skills.

“I feel like it helps everyone with their art careers by having the small exposure that they have now,” Floyd said.

Hopkins said that she is excited to see the emotions that the student’s art brings out of the people who see it in the future. She said that the students work very hard in the classroom and she is happy that their hard work can be displayed and appreciated by the public.

Marrington Middle School of the Arts student Queen Beauford said that the work was helpful to her because it taught her how to collaborate with other artists. She explained that often times artists are not very social when they work but this allowed them to work together.

Beauford said that she is excited for her art to remain in the Center for Academics and Innvation for many years to come.

“It’s kind of inspiring in a way, it’s like the marks that I left here are gonna like stay here forever, probably when I’m like fifty or something if this office is still here,” Beauford said.