BCSD approves competency-based curriculum to keep students from falling behind

On October 1 the South Carolina Department of Education released the report card for the 2019 school year.

Six of the 44 schools in the Berkeley County School District received excellent ratings. Eight received below average and two received unsatisfactory ratings.

The graduation rate was 82.6 percent, which is more than the state average of 81.1 percent. The dropout rate of the district increased from 1.8 percent in 2018 to 2.6 percent in 2019.

The number of students who applied for colleges went from 66.8 percent to 55.1 percent. The amount of students who are enrolled in in two or four year programs decreased from 71.3 percent to 65.2 percent.

In terms of student achievement the district exceeded state averages in the number of students who met or exceeded expectations for English Language Arts. Also the district had more students pass the End-of-Course exams in Algebra 1 and English 1 than the state average.

The district was below state averages in mathematics last year.

The district released a statement in regards to the state report card.

“While we want to ensure our community that we will celebrate success where appropriate and take action where needed, Berkeley County School District will not allow the South Carolina School report cards to be the only way the success of our students, teachers and administrators is measured.” the release said.

School district officials also stated that they are taking necessary action and they will continue to prioritize personalized learning in the district.

They also said that each student in Berkeley County is worth more than a data point.

They also said that they will continue to work to make sure that every student in the county has the opportunity to succeed in what ever path they choose to follow after graduation.