Berkeley County School District

The South Carolina State Board of Education has suspended a Berkeley County School District teacher’s teaching certificate for one year for forging a student’s initials on attendance sheets.

According to the consent order of suspension document Glenda M. Patierno, who formerly taught at Hanahan High, served as a special education teacher for two homebound students during the 2017-2018 school year.

In April, in regard to concerns raised about conflicting service documentation provided by Patierno and a student’s general education homebound teacher, Patierno admitted to forging the student’s initials on attendance sheets.

She said the student had stopped coming to the special education sessions. Rather than report the student absent, Patierno forged the student’s initials on the paperwork. This paperwork recorded the student’s attendance as well as Patierno’s working hours for compensation. She was terminated by the district in May, according to the order.

The order also stated Patierno said she was concerned reporting the absences would harm the student’s academic record. She said she repaid the district for the falsified time sheets; she has reportedly paid back $993.60.

Patierno’s suspension started Nov. 13 and will end Nov. 12, 2019. If she wants to have her certificate reinstated by the end of her suspension, Patierno will have to make a written request to the Department of Education’s Office of Educator Services.

She will be responsible meeting all certificate requirements and pay for any fees.