Miss South Carolina Collegiate Contestant Advocates Anti-Bullying Campaign

Taia Jackson’s official headshot for the state pageant.

Taia Jackson is a college freshman and contestant in the Miss SC Collegiate pageant in Lexington, SC that wanted to leave a positive impact on the youth by joining the Miss Jr High School, Miss High School, and Miss Collegiate ‘Be Brave’ campaign aimed to combat bullying in schools as an ambassador.

Jackson loved the campaign so much that she started advocating for the campaign in her local community, she spoke at schools in Goose Creek to present effective approaches when handling bullying and expressing the need to be kind to one another.

She learned from her peers in highschool, who were bullied, the lasting effects of bullying and how it makes life more difficult.

“I understood that bullying is not fair for those coming to school to learn, and it is so crucial to be kind to one another.” Jackson’s own initiative is K.I.N.D. short for Keep it positive, interact with others, no one left alone, and do not stand by.

She is the Miss Goose Creek Highschool and a former Boulder Bluff Elementary student, where she went to speak at and receive positive feedback from a teacher regarding a change in the behavior of students and how they interacted after she came to speak to them.

“Taia is a determined young woman who wants better for herself and others.” Christa Maxwell, Jackson’s pageant coordinator said, “The campaign is wonderful for young people, they get to see early how to recognize bad behavior and how to create a better atmosphere.”

The B.R.A.V.E in the slogan is an abbreviation for Building Respect, Acceptance and Voice through Education, the campaign provides insight to students, parents and educators with resources and support to be proactive in confronting and stopping bullying.