BCSD approves competency-based curriculum to keep students from falling behind

Innovation has been at the forefront of the Berkeley County School District and the decision that they have made recently. At the school board meeting on October 8th, the Academics and Innovations design team presented their plans to bring real world lessons into the classroom.

The design team cooperated with students, parents and local businesses to provide a mission, vision, and work and life skills that will be necessary for students to succeed in the 21st century.

Dr. Carol Beckman-Bartlett, the principal of Cane Bay Middle School, presented the mission of the design team. She said that the school district needs to unlock the potential in every student and the power of education.

“We believe that it is our role to facilitate student-driven learning by unleashing the power and potential of education,” Beckham-Bartlett said.

Beckham-Bartlett said that students need to be able to take control of their education and focus on what their personal goals are and the school district should give the students the chance to reach those goals.

“We want every child to choose their future,” she said.

Aidra Shaw, principal of Westview Primary School presented the work and life skills that the school district should focus on teaching students. The list was developed through a consensus of students, parents and community stakeholders.

The work and life skills are adaptability, critical thinking, communication, resilience, initiative, advocacy and collaboration.

Shaw explained that the one thing that all of these skills have in common is creativity.

Amanda Cooper, the teacher forum chair, explained that employers in the area are looking for students who have these skills for their workforce.

“They all wish our students had these important life and work skills that they need not only for college but its truly preparing all of our students for their futures,” Cooper said.