Philip Simmons Middle creates memorable learning experience with Cardboard Arcade

Students at Phillip Simmons Middle School used old pizza boxes, shipping materials and tape to created a cardboard game arcade during the final week before the holiday break.

The cardboard arcade came to Philip Simmons Middle School for the fourth year.

The arcade is built by the students and features games that are common in every arcade, with the exception that every game is made out of cardboard.

The games are thought up and created by the students. The games are classic arcade games like skee ball, ring toss, bean bag toss, whack-a-mole and even virtual reality. The games reward players with different prizes, usually candy.

The first year, the arcade featured over 100 games and has grown in number ever since.

The middle school students were joined by the students from Philip Simmons Elementary and the engineering students from Philip Simmons High.

The school said that the arcade is essential to students because it teaches them to embrace creative-designing and engineering.

“Students just get to create,” Principal Charla Groves said in a press release. “They are able to use our Makerspace here at school to get some of their building done, a lot of their teachers allow them to build and design in class, and then they bring them in our…arcade game day and celebrate with each other by testing out, playing each other’s games.”