School board narrows attendance line options, plans first vote at Thursday's meeting

The Berkeley County School District was one of 10 districts selected by the South Carolina Department of Education for the second phase of an eLearning pilot program.

The program allows for students to make up days that are missed for inclement weather.

This means that if Berkeley County schools are cancelled for inclement weather, designated calendar dates will then be used for students to take part in online instruction. The teachers will attend the school for regular work hours and will be able to be communicate with their students, through virtual means or by telephone, for instruction. The remainder of the day will be used as a teacher workday.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our students and teachers,” said BCSD Superintendent Eddie Ingram in a statement. “Teachers value their workdays, and our students benefit from that ability to plan and reflect at different points in the school year. We are also very appreciative of the work done by our Office of Technology to gain approval for this program.”

The school district has been implementing technology in many aspects of their instruction in the past years. There are currently 36,000 Chromebooks that are able to be used by the students and all of the teachers have laptops to use for classroom instruction.

In addition, the district has received aid from Home Telecom in providing students in Cross with internet access. Accommodations will be made for primary age students and those who do not have internet access.

Students will have three days to complete assignments. Students who don't complete assignments on time will be counted absent for the day.

Currently, there are three make-up days planned for the upcoming year: Oct. 25 (potential pilot day), March 13 and April 10.