BCSD holds first eLearning day

Davin Nguyen works on his Chromebook.

BCSD held their first eLearning day on Friday October 25th. During the eLearning day, students worked on assignments from home that were assigned by their teachers. The eLearning day will make up for the days missed during Hurricane Dorian and was scheduled on a day that was already a teacher workday.

According to Bowen’s Corner Elementary Instructional Coach Courtney Blue, the eLearning day had been planned by a ten person team to ensure that it will run smoothly throughout the district.

During the eLearning day the teacher had the assignments posted on either Google Classroom or Seesaw, both programs to connect teachers and students virtually. The teachers were also be available for one hour to help the students with any questions they have regarding their assignments.

Blue said that this day is especially important for teachers, who can use the rest of the day to plan assignments, grade papers and meet with other teachers to discuss content. Blue said that in the past teacher workdays were taken away because they were needed to make up missed days.

“It’s nice to have that time in their class to plan their assignments,” Blue said.

Aimee Fulmer, principal of Bowen’s Corner Elementary School, said that the eLearning day works well because the students are very well acquainted with technology and the schools are trying to catch up with them.

“Making learning more engaging and to pull them in is so powerful,” Fulmer explained.

The students also expressed excitement about the eLearning day as well. Cameron Coefield, a 5th grader, said that he thought the students would benefit the most from the eLearning day.

“It’s gonna benefit us because it lets us learn at our own pace,” Coefield said.

The eLearning day will add up to 200 minutes of instructional time for students. Students who do not have access to internet will have a pencil and paper options.