The Berkeley County School District School Board approved the Development and Use Agreement between the city of Hanahan and the Berkeley County School District for first reading on Nov. 12.

The board approved the first reading by a vote of six to one with David Barrow the only dissenter.

Under the agreement, the Berkeley County School District will contribute $957,995 to the city of Hanahan for the development, construction and maintenance of the park. The contribution will be made in three payments during the next three years. The first two payments will be $319,331.67 and a final payment will be $319,331.66.

The sports park will feature tennis courts and a multi-purpose field that can be used by programs such as soccer, football and marching band.

According to the agreement, the school district has the right to allow the students of Hanahan Elementary, Hanahan Middle, and Hanahan High School and Bowens Corner Elementary to use the park for school-related activities and functions.

The school district will have primary use of the tennis courts for high school tennis practice and matches as well. The school will provide a schedule of those events so that the public will know the availability of the courts.

The school district will have the right to reserve the multi-purpose field on weekdays between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. for various events such as practices. The school district will provide a schedule for the city on an annual basis.

The school district has the right to reserve the Sport Park for any other activities other than those listed above. However, the city of Hanahan must be notified at least ten days prior to the event. If the city has an event that is planned they will inform the school district of the scheduling conflict.

The school district also reserves the right to refuse access to citizens during school related events. This is to ensure the safety of students.

School board members praised the partnership between the school district and the city of Hanahan. Michael Ramsey said that he had long pushed for the partnership and he was thankful to all of the people involved in moving the project forward.

He thanked the city of Hanahan for helping the school district and always trying to provide facilities for extracurricular activities in Hanahan.

“The city of Hanahan has always been extremely generous with the Berkeley County School District, as far as the utilization of some of the city’s ball fields,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey said that Hanahan High School needs the park as well as the extra space that the park will provide. He said that the school is 25-acres and a modern high school is nearly 100-acres.

Ramsey, who has worked very closely with the project said that process was very emotional for him and he hopes that the park provides all the needs for Hanahan’s students.

Ann Conder said that this agreement holds true to the promise that the Berkeley County School district is always working to help the children in the district.

Board Chairperson Sally Wofford said that the investment in the park is important because a large area of land is not readily available in the Hanahan area. She also said that it is important to invest in extracurricular activities because they are so important in the lives of students.

“For some kids that’s the only reason they are showing up to school,” Wofford explained.