School board narrows attendance line options, plans first vote at Thursday's meeting

Berkeley County School District awarded Principal of the Year awards and Assistant Principal of the Year Awards for both secondary and elementary education.

Dr. Anthony Dixon of Philip Simmons High School was awarded Secondary Principal of the Year and Mrs. LeShonda Reed of Timberland High School received Assistant Secondary Principal of the Year.

Mrs. Natalie Lockliear of Foxbank Elementary and Mrs. Christi Furrow received Elementary Principal of the Year and Assistant Elementary Principal of the Year respectively.

Each year the Berkeley County School District chooses the winners of these awards based on nominations from other principals and assistant principals in Berkeley County. There are then 6 finalists chosen from the nominations and the finalists must fill out an application. The, redacted, application is then reviewed by former school administrators and the applicants are scored on a rubric.

The final step in the process is a face-to-face interview with interview with a panel of former administrators.