School board narrows attendance line options, plans first vote at Thursday's meeting

At the November 12th Berkeley County School Board meeting, Dr. Kelly Wulf, the Chief Academics Officer presented to the board for first reading the plan to rename the district building at 229 E Main St to “The Center for Academics and Innovation.”

The building, which was the former home of the district office, will serve as a the hub for the Division of Academics and Innovations. The building will also be home to community services and programs.

Wulf told the board that the building can be a place to celebrate the accomplishments of the students, teachers, schools and community as well.

“It’s really a center for innovation,” Wulf said.

Wulf said that the building will be an open-concept, shared work space. The building is also going to be a centerpiece of the community as well.

“What I’m trying to create here is a hub of learning for the community,” Wulf said.

Wulf also said that this initiative is a way for the school district to lead by example in what they want to do for students in the future.

“We’re exemplifying what we want to teach,” Wulf said.