Sober or Slammer campaign: Consequences of DUI

A South Carolina Highway Patrol ad reinforces sober driving.

The holiday season has arrived which means a lot parties and, for some, a few spirits. But be aware that law enforcement has, once again, kicked off it’s ‘Sober or Slammer’ campaign.

“This day more than ever there is no excuse to drive under the influence, often times people don’t think they are going to get impaired but impairment actually begins with the first drink,” said Lance Cpl. Matt Southern from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

“There are so many options now, years ago, they weren’t there. You had to rely on a friend to come and pick you up, well now you can just pick up your mobile device and order up a ride.”

The campaign which officially started on Dec. 13, and ends Jan. 1, is a combined effort by several agencies and departments to enforce impaired driving laws.

The effort will also include a big push on social media reminding drivers of other options and the life changing and costly consequences of driving under the influence.

“The penalties are pretty high for getting a DUI. You know the first offence DUI can range close to $10,000, that includes a fine, an attorney fee, a tow bill and any types of classes you have to take,” said Southern.

South Carolina law states that drivers are above the legal limit at .08. On average, 300 people die each year on South Carolina roadways as a result of impaired driving.