New grant will help ease backlog of DUI cases in Goose Creek

A new infusion of grant money will continue to help the Goose Creek Police Department with DUI enforcement and convictions.

Recently the agency was awarded the second year of a highway safety grant that gives Goose Creek additional money for a traffic officer and safety enhancement. Also the city accepted, year three of a grant that specifically focuses on impaired driving arrests.

The department has also accepted $91,099 in grant money to help pay for a full-time special DUI prosecutor. The prosecutor is a much needed part of the DUI enforcement efforts.

Officials inside GCPD said there will soon be a dramatic increase in DUI conviction rates.

“The Goose Creek Police Department currently faces a backlog on these crimes within the court system,” said Capt. Tom Hill from the Goose Creek Police Department.

“The prosecutor should be able to help reduce the backlog,” he said. “The prosecutor will also review all incoming DUI and or DUAC cases.”

The department said the prosecutor will also provide training to the officers both individually and in yearly training sessions, which will increase conviction rates in the future.