Former school bus driver sentenced for relations with 14-year old


The Attorney General’s Office announced a former school bus driver has been sentenced for sex crimes. The crimes involved a 14-year-old Berkeley County student.

The AG’s office announced on Oct. 10, that Kevin Michael Wesley, Jr., pleaded guilty on October 7, to one count of sexual exploitation of a minor, first degree and one count of criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

“If there ever was a case for sexual exploitation of a minor, this is it,” Attorney General Wilson said. “Children and their parents should be able to count on their bus driver and here they could not.”

Wesley Jr., was sentenced to a total of 22-years in prison on both charges.

A statement from the Attorney General said that during the 2014-2015 school year, Wesley was a school bus driver for Sedgefield Middle School. At some point during that school year, Wesley took an interest in an eighth grade girl who rode his bus. Prosecutors said Wesley Jr., bought a cell phone for the student so the two could have conversations when she wasn’t on his school bus.

The AG’s office said in the summer of 2015, Wesley Jr., encouraged the then-14-year-old child to sneak out of her parents’ house in the middle of the night to visit him at his apartment so he could have sex with her. The Oct. 10, statement said the two had relations at least 10 times

The media release said it was in February of 2016, the girl discovered that she was pregnant. She told Wesley in several text messages that she was pregnant with his child. Wesley continued his conversations with the victim over the course of the pregnancy through text message, and, on several occasions, asked her to send him nude and sexually explicit images.

The AG’s office said a forensic examination of the cell phone that he gave his victim shows that he did receive many nude or sexually explicit images of the child victim. Wesley Jr. later confessed to having sex with the child victim to police.