Deputies: Suspect had modified propane tank and military ordnance nearby

David Juan Bryant

Deputies in Dorchester County said they encountered a man who was threating to ignite propane gas emitting from a tank. Neighbors had to be evacuated while the scene played out.

A firehose eventually had to be used to separate the suspect from the modified device.

Sgt. Rick Carson from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that deputies were called to Barshay Drive in Summerville, by a complainant on the morning of Dec. 31, because of a civil disturbance.

Deputies said they found 41-year-old David Juan Bryant, locked in a shed and he was allegedly burning the belongings of the complainant.

The statement said Bryant had made threats to burn the building down with himself locked inside.

Deputies state that they attempted talk with Bryant, but he did not reply.

Carson said deputies made entry into the shed to check on Bryant and when they opened the door, they noticed Bryant under a bed with one hand on a modified propane tank valve and the other holding a lighter near the nozzle.

DCSO Negotiators were then called to the scene to try and talk Bryant out of the dangerous situation.

Carson said negotiators then realized Mr. Bryant was, actually releasing the propane from the container and attempting to ignite the gas inside the shed.

Deputies exited the area and then set a perimeter and evacuated those living near the residence.

The statement said Dorchester County Fire and Rescue as well as Summerville Fire and Rescue responded to assist. Carson said they provided a charged hose line which deputies opened to douse Mr. Bryant with water — at the same time separating him from the propane tank.

Deputies were soon able to detain Bryant and he was transported to Summerville Medical for medical treatment.

He was then taken to the Dorchester County Detention Center.

Carson said deputies also discovered an item that appeared to be military ordnance inside the shed, where Bryant was attempting to light the propane tank. Metro Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel from Charleston County and Dorchester County Sheriff’s Offices were called to the scene. The ordnance was identified and safely removed.

Bryant is being held on two counts of possession of an explosive device and two counts of attempted murder.

Deputies said more charges are expected in the case which is still being investigated by the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations.