Deputies in Berkeley said road rage led to shooting

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is seeking assistance from anyone with information about the incident as well as any witnesses. You are asked to contact Det. Turner at (843) 719-5045.


Police in Goose Creek responded to an alleged assault at Churchill Apartments on May 15.

The victim told police she was attacked by a male and female.

Police said she had a cut on her eye. Police said she arrived at the apartment complex because she got word that her friend was being beaten up in the parking lot. Police said she got involved trying to break up the fight.

The complainant said everyone starting clearing out as law enforcement arrived. Police said when the complainant was getting to her feet she was kicked in the face by a female.

The victim could not firmly identify the suspects in involved and no arrests were made at the time of the report.

Welfare check, drug possession

Police in Goose Creek responded to Cherry Hill on May 13, for a welfare check. Police said when they arrived they heard an adult female who said she could not come to the door.

Police said they asked if they could enter and the female said yes. Police said they entered and discovered the woman, who smelled of alcohol, on the living room floor unclothed from the waist down.

The incident report said as police entered further there were also two barking dogs closed in crates. Police said they asked the female if she needed help getting up and she told them no and began to crawl to the front door because she wanted to talk.

The complainant advised police she had problems with her knee. Police said they asked the woman for identification and she said it was in her “Wonder Woman” purse on the couch.

The incident report said when police went to retrieve the purse they discovered three bags of a green plant like material believed to be marijuana along with a grinder.

Police said they called medics due to the woman’s demeanor. Police said the female refused treatment. Police then called a family member who advised them she is currently going through a divorce and has been drinking heavily and she did not have any knee problems.

The family member said they would come to the home and look after her.

Attempted larceny, shots fired

Police in Goose Creek responded to Stonehurst on May 15. Police said a suspect tried to take a package from a home. Police said when the suspect was confronted by the homeowner, the homeowner told the suspect to put the package back.

The incident report states that the suspect put the package back and then walked to a vehicle. Police said when the subject was a short way down the road the driver stuck his arm out the window and fired two gun shots.

Police said witnesses stated the gun may have been fired into the air. Police said they took witness statements and recovered shell casings. No arrests were made at the time of the report.

Accidental shooting

Police responded to the Braemoor Subdivision on May 11, for a report about gun shots. When police arrived they were told the person involved was in the hospital. Police said they went to the hospital and met a male victim in the emergency room with the gunshot wound to his leg.

The incident report said the victim stated to police he was cleaning his pistol in the bedroom, in preparation for a family camping trip, while his wife was in the same room packing clothes. Police said the victim stated he pulled back the slide and let it go, “he assumed with his finger on the trigger,” and discharged a round into his leg.

Police said no others were impacted by the shot and no foul play was suspected. Police said the victim was not under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. The victim was not cited.