Crime blotter

Shot in leg

Police in Goose Creek were dispatched to a local hospital on May 28 to investigate a possible shooting.

Officers were told it occurred at the McDonald’s. Police said when they met the victim he had a gunshot wound to his leg.

Police said the victim was looking to buy marijuana and made contact with a person over the phone and the two agreed to meet at the restaurant.

Police said the victim then gave the suspect a ride to an apartment on Ashley Phosphate Road.

Police said when they arrived the suspect pulled a gun and tried to rob the victim and during this time the suspect fired the gun and ran away.

The incident report states the victim then drove back to his residence and called his father to tell him he was going to be late to work due to being shot. Police said the father then picked up the victim and took him to the hospital.

Police said because the shooting happened in North Charleston, police there would have to investigate. No arrests were made at the time of the report.

Huffing arrest

Police in Goose Creek responded to the Wal-Mart parking lot on May 27 regarding a subject sitting in a vehicle sniffing canned air.

Police said after arriving a witness pointed the vehicle out. Police said as they approached the car suspect could be seen slumped over leaning against the door.

The incident report states that just before the officer was about to make contact, the subject lifted the can of compressed air and shot a burst into his nostril.

Police said they then opened the door and advised the subject he was being detained and put him in handcuffs.

Police said the suspect told them he recently moved to the area and has since stopped smoking marijuana but replaced it with huffing.

Police said they found additional empty air cans inside the vehicle.

The suspect was cited for sniffing aromatic hydrocarbons.

Assault in traffic

Goose Creek officers responded St. James Avenue on May 27 regarding an assault.

Police said the complainant told them a subject driving a U-Haul truck pulled in front of him and he was forced to quickly apply the break.

The complainant said he then drove passed the U-Haul, with his arms up yelling about being cut off.

Police said the driver of the U-Haul then drove ahead and then slowly maneuvered to force the complainant to pull his vehicle over and stop on the side of the road.

The incident report states, while the complainant was still seated in the vehicle, the suspect got out of the truck and starting yelling and then punched the complainant in the face.

Police said the suspect tossed the man’s glasses and tried to take the keys out the ignition.

Police said the suspect then drove away but the victim got the license number from the U-Haul.

Police said they followed up with the company about the renter but there was not enough information to make an arrest.

Drug arrest

A Berkeley County Deputy with the K-9 Unit said he was traveling in the area of Highway 17-A and Sangaree Parkway on May 22 when he noticed a vehicle committing multiple traffic violations.

It’s reported that the Deputy got behind the vehicle and noticed the vehicle’s tag light did not illuminate the license plate.

Due to the defective equipment on the vehicle and the moving violations, the Deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.

After speaking to the driver the deputy said there was reasonable suspicion to search.

The deputy asked for consent and the driver refused.

The deputy said they then deployed the K-9 to sniff the vehicle and it had positive alert.

It’s reported the deputy then detained the driver and the suspect soon admitted she had drugs hidden inside of her body cavity.

The deputy said the suspect then reached in and pulled out a blue baggie containing five grams of methamphetamine.

She was charged with possession with intent to distribute.