Suspected narcotics

Police in Goose Creek responded to the Naval Weapons Station (NWS) on July 26. Police at the NWS told officers that they discovered what they believed to be two ecstasy pills in a subject’s vehicle, a report stated. Due to the suspects being civilians, police with the NWS contacted police in Goose Creek. Police said they separated the two occupants in the car and asked them questions, and neither said they knew of the pills or where they came from. Police said they are going to send items off for testing and if the pills come back positive for drugs they will have warrants issued for their arrests.

Missing phones

Police in Goose Creek responded to the St. James Avenue Sprint store, where officers said the manager told them they had just put two phones out on display and did not yet attach the clips to secure them to the counter before the phones were stolen, according to a report. The manager told police the items had security cords attached but the alarms did not go off. Police said they looked at the security and did see a make subject take the two phones by disconnecting them and concealing them. No arrests had been made at the time of the report.

Wal-Mart theft

On July 24, police in Goose Creek said they met with a complainant who reported he had money taken while at Wal-Mart. Police said that while at the self-checkout register, the complainant requested $40 cashback but forget to get it and left the store, according to an incident report. The complainant said he went back to the store but the money was already gone. Police said he spoke with management who said video shows the man behind him took the money, but they could not tell him anymore because he was not law enforcement. Police are investigating.


Police in Goose Creek said they responded to Cobble Stone Village for an assault on July 24. The complainant said she was talking to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Police said the ex-girlfriend arrived at the complainant’s apartment to talk, and when she opened the door the subject grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the apartment and started to punch and kick her, according to an incident report. Police said they looked at the messages, which revealed the two women had been antagonizing one another via messenger, the report stated. Police put both of them on trespass notice to each of their residences; and both were advised not to make contact with one another.