DUI stop

On Sept. 28, Berkeley County Deputies were patrolling Highway 176 and observes a commercial box truck swerve over the center line several times. The deputy said a stop was initiated and the truck first came to stop but then the driver turned back onto the highway and a pursuit began. The incident report stated the chase headed towards Pringletown at varying speeds never reaching 60 mph. The report states the truck came to a stop after being blocked in by other traffic in the area. Deputies said the once they approached the truck the driver refused to exit. The deputy said he then opened the door and assisted the driver out of the vehicle.

Once the driver was placed under arrested the incident report states the subject told the deputy that he had been drinking and he can be arrested for DUI. Deputies said they took inventory of the vehicle and found several tall beer cans, still cold to the touch were open and empty. The subject was taken to the Hill Finklea Detention Center.


Deputies responded to the Coastal Carolina Flea Market in Ladson on Sept. 29, for the theft. The complainant told deputies he rented two booths and put tarps over them and when he returned the next day he had things missing. The incident report states that the complaint had several football and basketball cards missing and are valued at $1,500. The deputy looked for camera footage that could possible show the theft but was told that due to recent lightning strike the cameras were not working. No arrests were made at the time of the report.

Disorderly conduct

On Sept. 25, deputies responded to Honeysuckle Lane for a disturbance. The deputy was told that a vehicle recovery company repossessed a vehicle and the homeowner pointed a gun at the tow truck driver. Deputies said when they went to the scene they talked to the subject who, by then, used his car to block the exit of a parking lot so the tow truck driver could not exit. The incident report states deputies were told by the subject he would not move until the car was returned to his daughter. Deputies said they told the subject if he didn’t move he would be arrested for disorderly conduct and his vehicle would be towed as well. The incident report states the subject refused to move and he was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to the Berkeley County Detention Center.


Deputies responded to the Food Mart in Pineville for an assault. The clerk told deputies a subject walked in and got a slushy drink from the machine. The incident report states the suspect did not have enough to pay for the drink and the clerk told him he could bring him the rest of the money the following day. Deputies said the clerk was told by the subject that he would not retuned and pay and an argument started and began to escalate and the suspect left the store and then walked back inside. The report states that the suspect grabbed the bar code scanner and threw at the clerk. The clerk told deputies he then grabbed a baseball bat and they continued to argue. Deputies were told the subject’s mother then entered the store and ushered the him out. There were no arrests made at the time of the report.