Concerned citizens, nude runner

Berkeley County Deputies were called to Bonneau just before 2 a.m. on May 13 after a call from some concerned citizens regarding a naked woman. Deputies were told the couple was driving down the road near a forest trial and noticed, what they described as “a fit blonde woman,” running down the road. Deputies said the couple told them they slowed and asked the woman if she needed help. The incident report states the woman didn’t say anything and just stared at them and then turned off into the woods. Deputies said they called a K-9 unit in to track the area but she was not located.

Stolen Range Rover

Berkeley County deputies responded to the Waffle House on N. Main Street in Summerville on May 16, regarding the location of stolen vehicle. The incident report states the complainant called dispatchers and said the Range Rover was stolen in Goose Creek and he owns the vehicle. Deputies said the owner was watching it from a gas station across the street from the eatery. The incident report states when the deputy arrived at the Waffle House and approached the vehicle a subject in the backseat immediately put his hands in the air. The deputy said the subject then told him that he was there with three others and they were inside the Waffle House. The deputy said he then entered and the subjects were at the checkout counter getting ready to pay for their meals. The incident report states one of the suspects admitted to being the driver of the stolen vehicle and he paid his aunt $100 to drive it around. The subject said he’s been driving the SUV for almost two days. Deputies said the suspect later admitted to throwing the keys in the bathroom trash inside the restaurant after a deputy discovered them during a search. Deputies said they then returned the vehicle to the owner and arrested the suspect.

Disorderly Conduct

Deputies in Berkeley County were called to a convenience store on N. Main Street in Summerville on May 15, about a man passed out in front of the store. Deputies said when they arrived they approached a man sitting on the curb in front of the store who was swaying back and forth. The incident report stated deputies could smell a strong odor of alcohol and he slurred his speech. Deputies said they asked if he knew where he was and the subject replied “North Charleston,” and “Rivers Avenue.” The incident report states the subject then said “Trump’s Rivers Avenue.” Deputies said they then asked how he got there and he said by his mother, giving birth. The report states when deputies asked how much he drank he said three drinks. The subject was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.


Deputies responded to Bridgetown Road in Goose Creek on May 16, for a trespassing call at an apartment complex. Deputies said the complainant and manager stated that an unknown male used the key code to unlock the gym area and slept there overnight. What’s more, the complainant told deputies the subject defecated in the gym trash can. The deputy said there was video but it was skipping badly and they could not get a clear view of the subject inside. The deputy said there will be increased patrols overnight. No arrests were made.