Disorderly conduct

A Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy was on break at the Dairy Queen in Goose Creek on Oct. 2 when a fight started between two of the employees. The deputy said he asked the manager if she needed assistance and she said she accepted. The deputy said at that point both employees were outside on the front patio yelling at back-and-forth. The incident report states the deputy told them to stop yelling and fighting. The deputy said one them complied but the other did not. The incident report stated other deputies arrived to assist and a deputy was waiting out front of the business with one of the subjects. Before being escorted off the property the subject threw a cigarette. Deputies said he was ordered to pick it up and the subject replied, “No.” The deputy said he went to detain the subject for littering. The incident report states the suspect became aggressive and was pulling away and resisting. As the scene became more chaotic due to other staff yelling and trying to interfere with the arrest, the deputy said a struggle then followed but they were eventually able to get the subject on the ground with the help additional law enforcement. The report states the suspect was checked by EMS and then arrested for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and littering, he was taken to the Hill Finklea Detention Center. The manager on scene told the deputy that both employees will be fired.


Police in Goose Creek responded to the Lidl on St. James Ave. on Oct. 7, regarding suspicious activity. The officer was told by an employee that while she was at work she was touched by an unknown male in the parking lot. The incident report states that while the employee was gathering shopping carts she walked passed an unknown male in a grey Dodge truck. The officer was told when she was beside the truck the subject reached out and grabbed her arm and said, “Come on, let’s go for a joy ride.” The employee said she denied the request and pulled her arm away and then the man drove away. The report states the employee was not able to get the license plate number. The officer said there was an attempt to get video footage from the parking lot but none was available.

Warrant arrest

On Oct. 5 deputies in Berkeley County made a traffic stop on Highway 45. While speaking the with the driver the deputy said a strong odor of marijuana was present. The deputy then asked about the smell and the driver admitted to having marijuana in his backpack in the trunk. The incident report states that when they conducted a probable cause search they discovered, green plant like material and several electronic items in a black garbage bag. Deputies said they requested information on the suspect from dispatch and discovered he had an active warrant in Clarendon County for possession of stolen goods. The deputy said the suspect was then detained and placed under arrest. The incident report states the subject said he did not know where the electronics, that included headphones, a google TV, modems, cameras and DVD’s, came from. The incident report states that officers were notified by Clarendon County that the suspect has been hitting local Wal-Mart stores and stealing electronics. The suspect was then taken to the Berkeley County detention center.

Vandalism at jail

On Sept. 30, an investigator with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office received an incident report from an officer at the Hill Finklea Detention Center regarding vandalism. The incident report states an inmate broke the sprinkler head inside his assigned cell and the area began to flood. The report states the inmate was the only person inside the cell when the vandalism occurred. The inmate was served a warrant and charged with willful injury to a courthouse or jail.