On June13, Goose Creek police responded to get a statement from a complainant regarding harassment at work.

The complainant told officers the harassment happened with his previous employer in April. The incident report states while at work at the Goose Creek business a manger pulled down the complainants pants and “then laughed about it.” Police said the man was fully exposed. The incident report states in the following days there were private parts drawn on the walls by employees at the business that included the complainant’s name. Police said they checked with the business about a trespass notice regarding the complainant. The Manager told them he was aware of the incident but it happened before he was hired and the others involved no longer worked at the business.

Too many animals

Police responded to a home in Pineview on June 13 regarding a call involving animals at the residence. Police asked the subject at the home how many animals she currently had on the property. The incident report states the home owner told police she had 24 cats and kittens and six dogs. Police said they advised the subject of the city ordinance that there could be no more than three animals within the city limits without a permit. Police told the subject she could have up to six animals if she went to City Hall and purchased a permit. Police wrote a warning citation giving the homeowner a week to get the permit and the number of animals down to six.

Assault and battery

On June 15 Goose Creek officers responded to Hallmark Apartments about and assault involving family members. The complainant told police her sister had struck her in the head with a hammer and was causing problems due to her drinking. The incident report states while in the home the suspect told her sister, “You are ruining everything.” The suspect then came out of her bedroom with a hammer. Police said the victim attempted to run away at the which time she was struck in the head with the tool. The incident report states the victim told officers she began to lose consciousness and was hit again. Police said the victim was taken to the hospital for her injuries. Police said they talked the suspect who said “she hates her sister.” Police arrested the suspect for assault and battery first degree.

Dog Bite

Police in Goose Creek responded to Pet Supplies Plus on June 15 about an animal bite. The complainant said she was shopping with her pet when she was bitten by an unknown dog. The incident report states the complainant was leaving the store when another dog on a leash approached her dog aggressively. Police stated the complainant was bitten in the calf causing minor lacerations and bleeding. Police said the complainant did not know the owner of the dog. No arrests or citations were mentioned at the time of the report.