Resisting arrest

Police in Goose Creek responded to Anita Drive on Nov. 2 for a traffic stop. The incident report states that two subjects were being searched after being stopped by police. The report states when officers began a search of one of the suspects they felt something in his jacket pocket believed to be a box of ammunition. The suspect did confirm to officers that was ammunition. Police said when they went to detain the suspect he pulled away and took off running. Police called in K-9’s to help in the search but it the subject could not be found. Police said two AK-47’s were located inside the vehicle. The second subject inside the car was arrested for unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Discharge of firearm

Police in Goose Creek responded to Longford Place regarding a call about gunfire on Nov. 3. Police said when they arrived they made contact with the person who fired the gun. The incident report states that the subject was cleaning his firearm in the living room and he pulled the trigger when breaking it down and the gun fired. Police said they were shown where a bullet had struck the floor and his wife confirmed the incident. Nobody was harmed in the incident. No arrests were made.

Animal cruelty

On Nov.11, police in Goose Creek responded to a home inside Liberty Hall Planation regarding an animal cruelty call. The call was from a concerned citizen who believed a dog had starved to death. Police said they made contact with the homeowner who said, when asked, that she owned a dog and took the officer to the backyard to see the pet. The incident report states that the officer and the subject walked to the yard and saw a pit-bull, lying dead with a chain around its neck behind its dog house.

Police said the dog’s ribcage was noticeable as if it had starved to death. Police asked the homeowner who was responsible for the animals and she said, she was the person who feeds and waters the dog. The incident report states the suspect told the officer that she usually feeds the dog every two days. Police said upon further investigation it was determined the dog had not been fed in several days and placed the woman under arrest for animal cruelty. She was taken to the Hill Finklea Detention Center in Moncks Corner.

Bathroom break

Deputies in Berkeley County responded to the Sunoco on S. Live Oak Drive in Moncks Corner for an investigation on Nov. 6. Deputies said they were told by the clerk that a man had walked into the store to use the bathroom and was waiting in line. The clerk after a few minutes the suspect walked towards a 2-liter bottle display and began to urinate. The incident report states that the clerk walked closer to the suspect and could hear what sounded like water being poured. The clerk said the suspect then exited the store leaving a large puddle on the floor. Deputies said they received some surveillance images of the suspect who, got into the passenger side of a truck after exiting the store. No arrests were made the time of the report.