Crime alleged

A deputy with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office was contacted on Aug. 19 regarding incident involving a caller from Michigan. The complainant said she was visiting a Bar on College Park Road with her cousin. The incident report states the complainant went to the bathroom just before 2 a.m. and doesn’t recall anything after that. The complainant said she awoke to some of her clothing being removed and some injuries to her face. The complainant said she feels like a crime had been committed but she has no idea what crime.

Assault and battery

On Aug. 19 Berkeley County Deputies responded to a construction site on Sienna Way about an assault. The complaint said his boss’s brother punched him in the face. The complainant said the subject told him there were materials missing for several residences being built and told the complainant there was no need for him to work and then punched him in the face. Deputies said the complainant then left the area and called law enforcement. The complainant said he did not want to press charges but wanted the incident documented. Deputies said they could see the complainants upper lip was busted and swollen.

Identity theft

On Aug. 19 deputies in Berkeley County were contacted about identity theft. The complainant said she received an email that she was denied a $25-thousand loan by Lending Tree. The complainant said she never applied for loan. The incident report states a person from Mt. Pleasant used the complainant’s name, address and social security number tried to apply for the loan. Deputies told the complainant to put a freeze on her credit. An investigation is ongoing.

Assault and Battery

Deputies in Berkeley County responded to Olympic Drive in Cross on Aug. 19 regarding an assault. The complainant said he was awakened to pounding on his door and when he opened the door the subject pushed him down and he hit his head on a piece of furniture. Deputies said the subject then began to punch the victim about his head and face. EMS was called to evaluate the complainant who had lacerations on his head and face. Deputies were unable to locate a suspect at the time of the report.