Gunshot to groin

On Oct. 27 Goose Creek police responded to Trident Medical Center for a gunshot wound that was reported to have occurred at Cobblestone Village Apartments. Police said an emergency room nurse advised them that a male victim was brought in with a gunshot wound to the groin. The incident report states police questioned the victim at the hospital and he told them the injury was self-inflicted. The report said the subject told police he was at the apartment in Goose Creek after returning home from bowling. Police were told the subject sat down on the couch and he stood up to remove a gun from his waistband and as it was being removed, the gun went off. Police were told the weapon was a .45 caliber handgun. Others inside the apartment determined it would be faster to drive him to the hospital rather than wait for EMS. Police said his brother then helped him to the car to go to hospital. The incident report states the victim’s brother told police a similar story regarding what happened but additional law enforcement was called for a more thorough investigation.

Bomb Threat

Police in Goose Creek responded to Roper Hospital on State Road in reference to a bomb threat. Officers said an official had already evacuated the entire building. The official said someone had informed him that a bomb threat was written on the inside of a portable toilet door. The incident report states the message read, “Wed Jan 9th 1:30 I’m blowing up this hospital! See ya.” Police said they obtained a photograph of the message. Officers said they did a walkthrough of the site and did not find anything suspicious. The site was cleared to resume normal operations later in the afternoon.

Neighbor dispute

On April 21, deputies in Berkeley County were called to Steed Creek Road about a dispute between neighbors. Deputies said it involved the killing of three pigs. The complainants told deputies their pet pot belly pigs had escaped their enclosure and they believe a neighbor shot them. The incident report said one of the neighbors posted a photo on Snapchat that showed the pigs after being shot. The post included a comment that said, “Nice behind the house hunt.” Deputies said based on evidence such as, monogramed signs over the pigs’ beds inside the enclosure, it was clear the animals were pets. The complainants also said they were friendly and would approach humans.

Deputies said they went to speak to the other party and the neighbor did admit to shooting the animals. But said because the pigs have tusks, it is hard to determine if they are the wild pigs in the area or pets.

The incident report said there will be a follow up to the investigation to determine if the shooter was aware of the escaped pigs and if he could discern the animals were the pets that lived nearby.

Stranger on porch

Berkeley County deputies were called to a home on Tillman Branch Road on Feb.22. The complainant told deputies that when they left their home to walk the dog there was an unknown man sleeping on their porch. Deputies said they approached the man sleeping on a plastic chair and tried to wake him with verbal commands while shinning a flashlight in his face. After a few attempts the incident report states the subject finally awoke. Deputies said the man did not know the current time or where he was. Deputies said he appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol; they frisk the man and found a large knife tucked into his coat. The incident report said he thought he was at his sister’s house but was a complete stranger to the complainant. Deputies said they called EMS due to his confused state and transported him to the hospital.