Berkeley County gets full-time role on “Live PD”

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office will have recurring appearences on the next season of A&E’s “Live PD.”

At the beginning it was supposed to be just four weeks with the nationally televised cable show but producers from Live PD, offered the sheriff’s office a permanent role.

The show, that airs on A&E is produced so commentators can bounce in-and-out of live responses and runs for three hours on Friday and Saturday nights. Berkeley County had its debut on Nov. 15 and has been on the show five weeks since—stay tuned.

“After that they asked us if we would be interested in continuing on with them for the next season,” said Jeremy Baker, Chief Deputy with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. “I wouldn’t say we were expecting it but we knew there was a possibility of that.”

Live PD, follows other departments on a fulltime bases and it seems the show’s producers think Berkeley County offers up enough good live material to get its deputies into the weekly rotation.

“We’re on every week until we decide it is something we don’t want to do, or if something comes up with them and they decide that they are going to leave,” Baker said.

When it was first announced in November that the show, watched by millions, was coming to Berkeley County, social media simmered with a mix of pros and cons. Some locals wanted the show here to highlight the agency’s work while others believed it would only harm the area’s image.

But love it or hate it, for now, the show is here to stay. And whether it’s those with a curious eye wanting to fulfill a guilty pleasure or the die-hard law enforcement fan, locals can’t look away.

“The feedback from the community has been great,” said Baker. “Everyone enjoys seeing our agency featured on there.”

The department or its deputies do not receive compensation, in any way, from the show. The only benefit for law enforcement is getting a chance to offer the public a glimpse into their world.

“Being on Live PD showcases the professionalism that our department gives to the citizens of Berkeley County on a daily basis,” said Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis. “I’m proud that we have been featured in a national spotlight and the response from the general public has been overwhelmingly positive,” he said. “Those three hours shown are just a snapshot of what our men and women do on a daily and nightly basis.”