Pineville native, Tiffanie Theirse, a daughter of the late Glenn Theirse and Cellamena Theirse, has been appointed by CNN to embark upon the London Rotation, which includes France, following behind Chris Williams, effective August 2019 through February 2020.

Tiffanie is currently working for CNN in Atlanta, where she represents the Satellite Desk. Her outstanding work, in that capacity, has earned her this new role.

She will be operating from France and has received accolades from her home office for her significant contributions. Congratulations Tiffany.

Your family, friends and entire community are so very proud of you. We look forward to seeing her thrive and succeed in this upcoming independent challenge across the pond in London.

Baptist Day

The State Baptist E and M Convention of South Carolina has designated July 28 as Baptist Day.

A celebratory program will be conducted with the Lovely Hill Baptist Association, St. George, and the Rev. McKinley Ravenell. Rev. Dr. Leon G. Brown, Moderator of the Antioch Baptist Association, Berkeley County, will preside at the event. Resources secured by contributors to the event, will go towards the State Convention’s college support initiative. All churches of the Antioch Baptist Association are to make their report to the Associations’ treasurer, no later than the third Sunday in July. Mail contributions to the Antioch Baptist Association, P. O. Box 393, Moncks Corner, SC 29461. For additional information contact Rev. Dr. Brown. For a couple of days and just really focus on each other.

Marriage Encounter Weekend

Time for two. There are times when married couples really need to just get away from the rest of the world, and just focus on each other.

As simple as that may sound, it can be difficult to achieve. The Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend opportunity is a structured and unobtrusive getaway. Sessions will be provided July 19 through 21, in Mount Pleasant, and Nov. 8-10, in Myrtle Beach. Early sign up is recommended.

For additional information, visit the website at or contact them at or call 803-810-9602.

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness

An estimated 300,000 U.S. children — that’s one in 250 kids — are documented to be affected by some form of Juvenile Arthritis. This disease takes a unique physical and emotional toll on children, often resulting in debilitating pain and feelings of loneliness or depression. The disease can make it especially challenging for children to say yes to playing, yes to hanging out with friends, yes to spending time with family, and yes to just being a child.

It’s important to have regular check ups for your children to rule out other possible conditions. The earlier the condition is diagnosed; the earlier treatment plans can be developed to assist them is living a healthy and productive life.


Expressions of sympathy are sent to the family of the late Ann Salisbury, Elizabeth Brown Milligan and Harry Robinson Jr.

Keep in prayer

We continue keeping in our thoughts and prayers our many sick and shut-in community members. Among them are Loretta White, Elizabeth Jenkins, George Casey, Clement Williams, Annie B. Washington, Queen Dingle, John Mustapher, St. Julian Jenkins, Lamont Holback, Shirley Cleveland, Elouise King, George Prioleau, Frank Stewart, Isiah P. Blanding, Rev. John Williams, Deacon Jackie Pinckney, Trustee Vardry Kennedy, and Annie Wiggins.

Send items of interest for the Pineville area to Yvonne Barnes at or mail to 1458 Colonel Maham Dr., Pineville, SC 29468.