The Heritage Museum at the Dorchester County Archives & History Center featured an antique piece from Middleton Place called a loom.

A loom designed to weave cloth and tapestry once held wrap threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads.

There are different varieties of looms, the earliest dates back to 4400 BC.

Some are framed with foot pedals to lift the wrap thread and others wove it differently.

Some different motions are weaving, shedding, picking, and battening.

Each is different in it’s technique when operating a weaving machine.

The story behind the Dorchester County Archives & History Center inheriting the loom is unique.

“We received the loom from Middleton Plantation. They were changing out their exhibits and were doing away with the exhibit it was in. Our curator is actually a blacksmith there at Middleton and one of the guys in charge at Middleton asked our curator if it was something we might want to display in our Museum. Of course, we said yes! “ said LaClaire S. Mizell, director of the heritage museum.

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