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  • Monday, June 2, 2014

MCAP says thanks

Dear Editor:

We of the Macedonia Community Action Project would like to thank all of the persons who helped prepare the food, served, and donated gifts and time to make the Tea a big success.

Also, we would like to thank the dignitaries who took time out of their schedules to attend the Tea.

The monies that were raised will go toward the streetlights we sponsor and the Christmas Tree Lighting. Again: thanks to all who attended and supported us.

Marsha Giggleman

President, Macedonia Community Action Project.

Cruel acts

Dear Editor:

This is a short, true story; a letter written to enlighten our little area that mindless, cruel acts can bring lots of misery and heartache. This is not about hunting or fishing, this is about simple kindness to some of God’s helpless creatures in their time of need.

We had been watching him for weeks as he struggled against the injury. He was such a faithful mate staying as close as possible to her, trying to do his job of protecting and relieving her during the long days while she sat still and hidden. Several times we had tried to help him, to give him a chance to survive. We called the professionals, they told us they could not come under the circumstances.

Family and friends helped and we all watched to no avail. Today was the day. Papa had a plan and asked me to help our wounded gander. We knew he had gone to the upper end of the pond, so we worked our way through the bush, wild raspberries and all other stinging, sticky growth, carrying our tools and some corn. The poor guy was getting weaker from a fishing line down his throat and a big red hook in his leg.

While we were going toward the end of the pond, watching for him to be under the brush along the edge, I spotted him up on the bank high and dry, sitting quietly on leaves and pine straw. I got Papa’s attention and we began to ease our way toward our wary target. After some interesting footwork and scrimmages, Papa caught him and I was able to come alongside to hold his neck in position and his wings still. It was so amazing because the goose was suddenly very still as if he realized we were there to help.

Wonder of wonders, we were able to remove a large red fishing hook and pulled the line out of his gullet. The hook was toward the top of the foot. We put a little disinfectant and let it loose, leaving him with a little corn. I thank the Lord that He let us help with His created creatures up close and personal. We’re hoping to see him well and recovered very soon. It was a special moment for the two of us, two old folks out in the sticky woods sitting in the pine straw like a couple of youngsters. It felt good, just like old times.

There is a postscript to the goose story, a sad and heartbreaking ending.

Papa goose is doing fine, slowly recovering and has resumed his duties of caring for his mate. However, evil, unkindness and cruelty walks our neighborhood. Recently, I was in my backyard and several young boys were across the pond in another yard. One was throwing something towards the mother goose on her nest. I called to him to not bother the goose. The boys turned and walked out of the yard.

The next morning our son and daughter found Mother goose floating dead in the pound, the eggs broken, and the gander swimming round and round with a duck to keep him company. Yes, I said evil stalks our neighborhood. It breaks my heart to see such unconcern for life. I wonder what lesson might be learned from this horror. I realize human life is of higher value, made in the image of God the creator, but we are supposed to treat His creatures as good stewards with gentleness and kindness.

Evil is ugly folks, and it seems rampant in our culture. It was a sad day in our neighborhood and a sad day for the one left behind. Heavyhearted for whoever killed the mother goose and destroyed the eggs.

Betty Beaver

Moncks Corner

Thanks Stags

Dear Editor:

I would like to congratulate the 2014 Berkeley baseball team for a tremendous season. The Stags came within a couple of runs of hosting a state championship series game in our beloved Mocks Corner.

Coach Cox has steadily built a solid foundation over the past few seasons and the program seems to be one of prominence. This year’s team had all the pieces required to be one of the state’s best and they were! They had solid pitching, speed on the bases, solid hitting and perhaps best of all great defense in the field.

The new home field additions also added to the excitement of a season not soon to be forgotten.

To all who helped make 2014 a success, I thank you!

I am truly looking forward to 2015 as I believe next year the Stags could make another serious run at the title!

Brian L. Chandler

Moncks Corner

Cemetery concerns

Dear Editor:

We, members and former members of Grace Reformed Episcopal, are submitting this letter to whoever has a father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, son, or daughter buried at Grace R. E. Church cemetery, located at 300 Highway 52 Stony Landing Road, Moncks Corner.

We need your help. Our pastor has charged a few members to have a mass grave removal completed. This had been a disturbing matter to some in the congregation. The owner of the property, who gave the land to the church, as well his members, are all laid to rest here. Additionally, one of the church’s founding fathers, the Rev. Frank Crawford Ferguson, who helped to create the Diocese of the Southeast, and soldiers who have fought and died in the service of this great county call our cemetery their final resting place.

The reason for the removal of the graves is to increase the size of the parking lot as well as building a Life Center. There is land located next to the gravesite that can be developed for parking, but some members are not satisfied with that. The individuals that want to remove the graves do not comprehend or care about the feelings of others that do not want their family members disturbed. We are appealing to the members of the church, as well as the community at large, to pray with us to current Bishop Ordinary to let us know his feelings on the matter.

Robert J. Marion

Arnold Bennett

Rev. Eugene Sims

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