Is our society in trouble?

  • Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We have advanced more technologically. We have conquered outer space. It seems as if there is little we cannot do. It is wonderful the progress mankind has made.

For example, I can do almost anything with a simple cell phone. I can take pictures anywhere anytime. Monitor my stocks. Make bank transfers. Talk to my daughter in London at any time and any place she or I might be. And thatís just the tip of the iceberg.

We havenít started to talk about the progress of medicine and science, and all that they have accomplished in those areas that enable us to live longer and achieve more. Yet it seems something is lacking. Something that used to exist doesnít exist anymore. Itís a little hard to explain.

Johnny Carson once said that he went to his doctor and after a thorough examination he was told that he would have to make some changes in his lifestyle and diet if he wanted to remain healthy. So, he cut out drinking, cut out smoking, stopped eating sweets, went to bed on time, and ate only healthy foods.

After a while, just as his doctor had said, his health drastically started to improved. He actually felt better. He had more energy. He loved the new person he had become. But after a few weeks he started to think. Whatís the point of being healthy, having more energy, and living longer when I canít really enjoy doing what I want and eating what I love?

My point here bears some resemblance to his. What is the purpose of all the advancements we have made if we canít live a better quality life? Manís relationship with man has not gotten any better. Laws inhibit some of the things we used to do, but those selfish, negative, evil things come out in ways that laws cannot prevent.

We have emphasized material success over human relationships and almost everything else. Instead of relationships being central they have become peripheral. We love things and use people instead of using things and loving people. The marks of success is power, status, financial accumulation and always making sure that number one gets what number one wants despite its impact on others. We lack depth, truth and authenticity. We tend to be shallow, superficial and more concerned about appearances than whatís real. I guess one way of explaining all of this might be by simply saying, ďWith all that we have accomplished mankind is flying higher than ever before, but we are shallower than ever before.Ē Our skyscraper civilization cannot continue to go higher without going deeper. Such a building will not stand, and such a civilization cannot survive without grave consequences.

The Rev. Dr. Valentine Williams is a pastor and inspirational public speaker. He also conducts seminars and workshops related to Christian growth and development; as well as professional and personal development training. Contact him at valmyval@yahoo.com.

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