Groundhog Day

  • Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I wonder what 7-Eleven the guy works at now.

Iím talking about the guy working with the NFL who suggested back in 2010 that they play a Super Bowl in New York City.

Okay, yes, Met Life Stadium is located in New Jersey, but for marketing intents and purposes this is an all New York Super Bowl.

This is like having a Lawn Jarts party at your house, but because you took up all of your backyard to set up the party with the barbecue pit, the beer garden and of course, the canopy over the picnic table, you had no more room for the Lawn Jarts courts so you moved those to your next door neighborís back yard.

Thatís what the NFL did with the Super Bowl, and to top that rocket scientist decision, the New York Super Bowl fell on Groundhog Day.

Thatís asking for trouble on a cosmic level.

Didnít anybody clear this with Bill Murray?

In the Groundhog Day movie Bill Murray plays a weatherman who gives an ďallís clearĒ forecast for Pennsylvania and all points east in direct contrast to what the gopher forecast, and you know Bill Murray and gophers have something of a history.

Bill paid for it.

The blizzard set in and Bill was thus trapped in Punxsutawney indefinitely, like forever, until he learned his valuable lesson.

Ití not about treating people with respect, no, itís more like, you donít fool around with Mother Nature, and you donít schedule a Super Bowl in New York, in February, on Groundhog Day.

Six more weeks of winter is the least of your problems. Here, Groundhog Day lasts forever.

Back in 2000, the NFL stuck its Super Bowl in Atlanta, and 14 years ago an ice and snowstorm sacked the city, much like what happened there last week. It shut the entire state down.

This past week, new stadium or not, the City of Atlanta showed the NFL and the rest of the money spending world how it still does not know what to do in the event of a snowstorm.

Can you imagine a Super Bowl being played there on Sunday?

The NFL did stick a Super Bowl in Detroit a couple years back, but the people in Michigan know what to do when it snows. There are two seasons in Michigan in fact Ė winter, and fixiní to be winter.

New York does New Yearís Eve every year and to its credit knows how to process a million or so people in and out quickly.

But on New Yearís Eve Old Man Winter is just getting warmed up. This is February, and itís about to be Valentineís Day, and I bet Winter has an ex-wife out there somewhere who isnít happy when it gets cold.

This has been the nasty weather playoffs and I like that. Downpours in Seattle, blizzard conditions in New England, icy cold in Denver, balmy 40-below shirtsleeve weather in Green Bay Ė except for the first round game in Indianapolis, everything was played outside in the weather.

I loved that.

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