Shoplifter tries to blame theft on mom’s ‘Alzheimer’s’

  • Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A woman went out drinking with her boss, according to a police report, and said she didn’t remember much after that. But according to the report, officers found her at fault in a collision with another driver that night.

When police arrived at the accident scene they found the female slouched over the wheel of her car.

The air bags were deployed from the steering wheel, and the passenger side curtain air bags were deployed.

The officer knocked on the window in an attempt to get the driver’s attention, but got no response.

EMS was called and the officer opened the door, this time tapping on the woman’s shoulder to try and wake her up.

After a few moments she became conscious and her first response was to try and smash the airbag back into the steering wheel.

According to the report, other than that, she was unresponsive to questions from the officer. The officer then informed her she had been in a collision and she replied, “really?” She asked the officer if he could loosen her seat belt and he advised her to unbuckle it as normal.

According to the report, the officer watched her struggle for a few minutes to find the buckle and when she could not, he detached it for her. He kept her seated until EMS could respond.

At first the officer could not smell alcohol on her breath, due to the odor of the deployed air bags, however once removed from the car, the police report said the odor was evident, and EMS personnel confirmed they smelled it to.

She was transported to the hospital, and the officer searched her car for her paperwork. They could not find her insurance paperwork so she would be charged with that, but they found everything else and took that to the hospital and ultimately towed her car.

At the hospital, police learned she had told EMS she had a couple of glasses of wine with her boss downtown at dinner.

The officer informed her she was under investigation for DUI and she replied, “Well, that’s not good.”

When the officer asked her if she would answer his questions, she said she would try, the report said.

She told him she did not even remember getting in the car. While talking with the officer, she fell asleep several times, the report aid.

She was unable to complete any field sobriety tests in the hospital bed and while unconscious, so due to the circumstances, she was arrested and charged with DUI.

Hospital personnel took a blood sample to test for alcohol, which she agreed to. Once she was discharged, she was taken to the county jail.


A divorced woman had to call police because her husband would not come get his things out of her house. She said they had been divorced for some time now and she had given him until that day to move out and get all of his things out.

She showed police a court document, signed by both parties, proving such.

It also showed she had full ownership of the residence and she wanted his things, including his truck, gone. She said if the truck was not removed she would have it towed.

So the officer called the man, in good faith, to remind him to come get it.

They got his voice mail and left a message.

The ex-husband later called police back. An officer explained to him about what was going on, but according to the police report, he refused to listen. He wanted to know when the so-called paperwork was signed. He continued to raise his voice to the officer.

The officer tried to explain that this was a civil issue and that if the man did not stop raising his voice, the officer said he would hang up. Which he eventually had to do.

Police were then called back to the house because the ex-wife said her ex-husband was yelling at her in her face.

When police arrived, the ex-husband rode by on a golf cart and said he wanted to show the police that his children were not being looked after properly.

According to the report, there were no kids at the residence. In addition, the ex-wife was able to show the officer proof of a restraining order she had against the man, as well as video from earlier in which the man was yelling at her, even after she told him to back away.

After all of this, the ex-husband was given one more chance to move his car before it got towed, according to the report.

He said he would and admitted to leaving the truck there to “use as leverage” against his ex-wife. The man complied and left.


Police were called to a local retail store because a woman was seen possibly shoplifting.

The loss prevention officer had the suspect in custody and explained to police that she left the store without paying for an extension cord, insect repellent, a gallon of tea and a sticker.

The surveillance video shows the woman in the self check-out line scanning all of the other items except those. She then placed the bags on top of the items she did not scan. They also had video from a few weeks prior of this suspect doing the same thing, which they also showed police.

The officer asked the suspect what happened and she said she did not realize the items were in the cart.

The video, however shows her looking right at the items as she sat the bags on top of them in an effort to conceal them, the police report said.

According to the report she told officers that she was in a hurry because her mother was sitting outside in the van and that she had Alzheimer’s.

The officer then walked outside to speak to the mother and asked her if she could drive and if she had a license. The mother said she did have a license and that she drove everyday.

She wanted to know why she was being asked these questions and when informed that her daughter was being arrested for shoplifting and that her daughter told police she had Alzheimer’s, she became very upset and offended, the report said.

She said she did not have that disease. At this point the officer returned inside and learned the store wanted to press charges.

The woman was arrested and taken to jail.

Stolen meds

A bartender had to call police because someone went into her purse and stole her ADD medicine.

She said there is no way her roommates would have done it and believed it happened at work. She said everyone at work knew she needed the medicine, according to the incident report. The police report said she admitted that her purse was not secure, but the she had cut a hole in the liner of her purse to hide the medicine bottle in.

She said she needed a police report to give to her doctor so she could get her prescription refilled.

Gotta pay

Police responded to a gas station due to a hold-up alarm. The clerk said she had not been robbed, but a customer caused a commotion.

According to the report, a man came in and started thumbing through a newspaper at the checkout counter. She told him he had to pay for the newspaper before he could read it.

The man then became upset and began to curse at her.

The report said that the man then knocked over a bag of chips and a display sign which cracked when it fell.

The man was still outside the store when police arrived and he admitted to throwing items at the checkout but only after the clerk refused to serve him.

He was placed on trespass notice from the store.

Interesting deposit

A teller at a local bank called police after receiving a deposit bag full of money and a ball of weed.

The deposit came from a local business, which police responded to. Police spoke to a woman who worked there and explained why he was there. He asked who was responsible for deposits and the woman said she was.

According to the report, the woman said she was in possession of the bag until she made the deposit and that she was the only one who had contact with the bag.

She showed the officer where she retrieved the bags which were all neatly stacked and wrinkle free. She showed him how she sealed it using the tamper free sealing tape.

The officer asked the woman if she currently smoked pot and, according to the report, she said no that she had not smoked in six months.

She then made reference to one of her kids who might have done it and the officer reminded her that she told him she used the tamper seal. According to the report, she then said, “Yeah, I just don’t understand how it got in there.”

She denied doing it.

The lady at the bank confirmed it had not been touched or tampered with before being opened.

Based on the chain of custody of the deposit bag and the statement made by the suspect, she was issued a courtesy summons for possession.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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