Don’t allow the holidays to keep you down

  • Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love to hear and share great stories of hope. I love to both inspire and be inspired. There are so many things that conspire to keep us down, itís good when someone can share something that makes us feel up.

This is the season when we all want to feel excited about life. Some people want to be excited but some of the things that usually generate excitement such as family, friends and the financial resources to do what they want might be missing from their lives.

It is unfortunate, but when the things that give us a sense of hope and inspiration for the season are missing, we try to manufacture our own artificial way of being happy. The things we do are not always constructive.

Some people try to manufacture happiness or find happiness at the bottom of a bottle, but that can have disastrous consequences for them and others.

I have mentioned how people feel the sense of loneliness and disconnection from others more intensely during this season than at other times. The activities that people engaged in, the mood of the holidays from Thanksgiving right through the New Year can cause many of us to feel left out, alone and sad.

If you donít have meaningful relationships that are a part of your life then you might be the kind of person I am talking about. Donít despair. The holidays can be tough being by yourself or estranged from your family and even friends, but it is not the end of the world unless you choose to make it that way.

We all like company. That is the way we were built. But relationships break down sometimes. But that is not a reason to give up hope, to think you are forgotten or that no one cares.

Sometimes when its darkest is the time we are closest to a solution or a way out of our situation. Sometimes courage is holding on even when you donít see a reason to hold on.

And faith is holding on even though you see no evidence that things are going to change.

Find a church you can go to and ask to speak to the pastor. Your solution to how you feel and your situation can be as close as the nearest church door. In the church you will find people, spiritual resources and good counsel. Its not always money we need although it is important, sometimes our lives are bent out of shape and what the church offers can help us put things together again.

Sometimes we feel the way we feel because all our thoughts are focused on ourselves. Money is not the problem for many people although they wouldnít refuse some extra cash. Having people who care around them is really not an issue for some people. For these people their problem might be they are too centered on self.

A preoccupation with self can have a down ward spiraling effect and make us unhappy and gloomy in disposition and behavior. To cure that think about helping someone else. Think about reaching out to someone who is really in need.

One of the best ways to forget your trouble is to help someone else deal with their situation. Helping others is a great way to help yourself feel better.

Life is seldom as bad as we make it to be. Sometimes all we need to do is a little thinking and reflection and we will come to the realization that we can do something about our situation, and that there is way out of whatever we are in if we truly want to find a way out. Remember, man was never made to be a victim of circumstances, but a victor over circumstances.

Stand up to life. Face life, and deal with it. And while you are at it, look out for someone else you can help.

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